Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Glitta-fy anything!

Hey everyone! If you have a Pinterest, you know glitter is nothing short of practically worshiped there. While I certainly don't worship glitter, I do love it. Whenever I go to the craft store, I have to exercise an extreme amount of self control... this isn't to say I don't have 40+ vials of glitter already, though (; 
Anywhoo, I've seen a lot of methods for decoupaging involving Modge Podge, but that stuff is insanely expensive! So, here's a pretty widely known recipe for your own homemade, super effecive DIY decoupage!

-All purpose school glue, like Elmers 
-Glass Jar (Any old thing will do)

*Now, instead of doing a 1:1 ratio as so many websites suggest, I tend to use a lot more glue than water. Maybe 3/4 cup glue and 1/8 to 1/4 cup water... seriously, I wouldn't go any more than that or your decoupage glue will become way too runny! 

1) Pour your glue in. 
2) Pour water.
3) Shake/mix until the two are a slightly runny consistency.
4) Enjoy!

What's great about decoupage is that it's wonderful for applying glitter to almost anything! Yes, you can do that with regular glue too, but decoupage glue is much easier in my opinion to apply (you can apply it with a paintbrush because it's thinner than glue; no messy hands!). I tried it out on quite a few small things, but I really wanted to do my phone case.
I applied two coats decoupage glue, then shook some glitter on. Excess glitter went onto a piece of paper I had underneath and then right back into the jar! If it's spotty, apply glue to areas with less glitter. Then, shake glitter on again. Wait for a few hours for your project to dry. NOTE: I do not recommend going over the project with the decoupage glue to seal it. I use Krylon's Glitter Blast Clear Sealer (it comes in a spray paint can) because it's specially formulated to deal with glitter. The decoupage glue will most likely dull your sparkles, and who wants that? 


My decoupage glue. (:

 Happy crafting!